Why am I called the "feedsack lady"? Not only do I collect vintage feedsacks, but I also share them with fellow quilters on my shopping page in the form of kits or bundles of 6" squares. You may have seen previously published feedsack patterns in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Watch for a new pattern to come out soon!

I'm also called the "feedsack lady" because of the reproduction 30s fabrics I've been designing for the past 13 years. You'll see the fabrics I've designed for Robert Kaufman Fabrics in quilt shops and on-line. Also look for the Clothesline Club at your local quilt shop (or on-line)a club just for you! Each month at club meetings you receive a free pattern and a newsletter from me. Each club is run differently, so check it out for a very enjoyable time (and some great free patterns for your 30s fabrics).

You will also find a selection of my patterns on the shopping page. I try to provide a range of simple to challenging patterns; most of them using 30s reproductions, but I have been known to work outside the box! Nearly all of the patterns give directions for multiple sizes, so you can make the size quilt YOU want.

Many of my patterns recommend some of my tools to make the cutting easier and more accurate. The tools I design are all-purpose tools, designed so you can use them with any project that calls for that particular shape. They are also multi-sized so you can easily change the size of your block or project by changing the size of the pieces you are cutting. Note with each pattern suggested tools are also listed, so if you purchase a pattern, you can also order the tools. These tools are also found in quilt shops and in some of the chain stores, and on my shopping page if you can't find them locally.

I have published a total of 12 books with EZ Quilting and more recently with Krause Publications. I have listed all of the books that are still in print. They contain lots of great patterns and also use my tools.

Feel free to e-mail with questions or send pictures of finished projects that you have started in one of my classes, or that use my fabrics or tools. I love to hear from you!