How To Make A Quilt By Hand?

The art of quilting by hand is something that can take an afternoon to learn but years to master. Even so, there are hundreds of men and women who decide to take up quilting daily. It’s probably also why you’re here, right?

We quilt by hand because it makes the project more personal while providing a softer finish. This soft finish is something that machines are unable to replicate. Simply put, there is something perfect in the imperfections within the hand-made quilt.

If you’re new to the world of quilting and wondering ‘How To Make a Quilt By Hand?’, here’s your answer:

Start With Your Quilting Supplies:

Before you start getting into the Zen of quilting, you need to gather your supplies.

Here’s what you need to start quilting:

  • Needles: Get a few needles of different sizes. We recommending using the size 10 needles for most of your quilting. But you may need a bigger needle if you are using multiple layers or thicker fabrics. Get high-quality needles because they can make your life a lot easier because of their strength and sharpness.
  • Thread (And Conditioner): You will need threads to stitch your fabrics together. Cotton thread is the most common but you can try out some others to find one that you’re happy with. Usually, you should pick the type based on your fabric choice. That is, if you have an all-cotton fabric, consider using cotton threads. You will also need the threads in different colors with the most common being white and black. Conditioners like Tread Magic are optional and can help prevent the stitches from knotting.
  • Quilting Hoops: Get a set of Quilting hoops based on your project’s requirements. There are all sorts of quilting hoops, including handheld, lap, and floor quilt hoops. Do note that some projects like a pillowcase may not even need a hoop. Be sure to not over-tighten the quilt in the hoop as it needs some leeway for you to stitch properly.

Get Started With Hand Quilting:

After getting your supplies in order, get to quilting:

  1. Get An 18 Inches Thread: Start with cutting your thread to roughly 18 Inches. Longer than 18” and it will tangle and any shorter and you’re going to have to frequently switch threads. After getting an 18” thread, tie the end into a small knot. Thread the needle and thread through the quilt’s back to the exact spot you plan to start quilting. Ensure that the knot at the end is embedded into the quilt’s back while being hidden.
  2. Start Stitching: Even and small stitches are the way to go with hand quilting. Try to aim for six stitches per inch with experienced quilters reaching 8-12 stitches per inch. Using your hands to support the top and bottom of the fabric can also help with the stitching.
  3. Load The Stitches: When stitching, don’t pull the thread all the way. Instead, make 2-3 loose stitches before gently pulling the thread to tighten the stitches. Be sure to use even tension while pulling the thread. After loading the stitches, start with the next section of stitches and continue the cycle.

Follow these steps and you will be able to make a quilt by hand in just an evening.

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