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Quilting is an art form that you can use to express your creativity while making a comfy blanket. If you’re looking for inspiration, there’s no more convenient place than the internet! If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to design new patterns yourself, you can use these top 12 Quilt Patterns of 2021 for some inspiration. My brother in law has not been feeling well recently and right now he is enjoying the warmth of a cup of tea, and a comfy quilt on the sofa whilst practicing his blackjack strategy on casinosjungle. Whilst he relaxes in his way, I choose to relax by researching new quilting patterns on my ipad. So here’s my top 12 quilt patterns for 2021.

Of course, you can mix and match the quilt patterns to something unique as well.

These pattern ideas are for beginners as well as advanced quilters who are looking for fresh ideas. Regardless of your skill level, you should find something or another that catches your fancy. You can also check out the ‘How To Make A Quilt By Hand?’ guide if you are a complete novice at quilting.

Before we get started, you may be wondering why these quilt patterns are perfect for beginners. These quilt patterns are perfect for a novice because:

  • These patterns use basic shapes and are easy to assemble. Think of large squares and rectangles.
  • Precuts and quilt kits can also be used for these patterns. This will save you time in the fabric cutting phase.

You can Get Quilt Kits Online and in stores from places like Amazon, Etsy, and Bluprint.

Here are the top 12 quilt patterns of 2021:

1) Fast Four Patch Quilt

This is a simple and fast four patch design by Amy from Diary of a Quilter. This one is super easy and a great pattern to start your quilting experience with. If you want an in-depth look at the guide to make the Fast Four Patch Quilt, check out Amy’s blog.

2) Free Motion Quilted Towels

Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom has a great idea with Free Motion Quilted Towels. This idea is sure to bring some color to your plain white towels. You can also use free-motion quilted towels as gifts.

3) Simple Sixteen Quilt Pattern

This 30s retro pattern uses 16” blocks to make a simple and elegant quilt pattern. Brought back into 2021 by Lindsey at Fort Worth Fabric Studio, this is an easy pattern for beginners. You can also scale and size it to your liking.

4) Baby Boutique Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern is a modern and elegant idea for a baby quilt. Ivory Spring brought this into fashion and have provided their customers with a digital guide.  This in-depth guide tells you everything from fabric selection to cutting and stitching for the perfect Baby Boutique Quilt.

 5) Gingham Coral Quilt Top

What was old and boring a few years ago is now retro and hip. This is how the Gingham Coral Quilt Top is making a comeback in 2021. This funky quilt pattern was reintroduced to the modern world by Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew. The beginner-friendly quilt pattern is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-make design.

6) Friendship Quilt Along By Amanda Herring Designs

Grow your friendships by quilting block by block. Get in touch with Amanda Herring on her website and find the block you want to work with. Create your unique idea that meshes with the rest of the design and send it to Amanda.

7) Sweet Squares Quilt Pattern

The Sweet Squares Quilt Pattern is an easy find to get started in the world of quilting. Invented by Beverly from Flamingo Toes, this easy to make idea is super popular in 2021. Beverly also has a new fabric line that’s worth a visit called Vintage Adventures.

8) Easy Scrappy Strips Baby Quilt Tutorial & Quilt Pattern

Rather than the old designs for baby quilts, this one has a modern twist that’s great for the eyes. You can choose the fabrics to match the theme and set it to the gender of the child. Melissa from Polka Dot Chair also has small-sized versions of these for sale.

9) Quilted Key Fob

This is one of those ideas that looks plain but turns out to be great. These key fobs are easy to make and a great gift idea. I’ve used this as a gift for my office staff. You can also add initials to these with unlimited customization options. Leigh Laurel Studios has a great tutorial for making these Quilted Key Fobs.

10) Harvest Quilt Pattern

Art Gallery Fabrics has a great Instagram account chockfull of great Quilt patterns, like this Harvest Quilt Pattern. I liked this quilt pattern by Bonnie Christine because of its clean look. If you’re looking for a good quilt for the winter with some neutral tones, Harvest Quilt Pattern is for you.

11) Super Easy Zig Zag Quilt Pattern

This is a perfect quilt pattern for beginners. With this design, your quilt will be ready in a matter of hours. Prep is also easy with simply having to cut out 5” squares in the zig-zag pattern.

12) Fabric Checkers Quilt Pattern

Whether you are into board games like checkers or casino games, you can make it into a quilt pattern. This one I found online is designed to be a playable checkers game. The pieces are removable with the board being the quilted area.

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